The CCMMMA is active within the Department of Science and Technology of the University of Naples Parthenope and boasts a centenary experience linked to the historical Faculty of Nautical Sciences as an expression of the traction of weather-oceanographic studies born with the Royal Naval Institute in 1920, then Naval University Institute until 2001.

The following services can be provided in the following regulatory framework:

  • Services free of charge and of moral patronage.
  • Services deriving from the research activity as "Research Agreement between the Department and other public or private institution".
  • Services provided under the "third party" professional activity.

Non-exhaustive list of possible services and activities:

  • Navigation services.
    The CCMMMA has a strong specialization in forecasting and weather services for recreational and professional boating. The modeling chain offers products with a high temporal and spatial resolution throughout the Mediterranean area, focusing on the central and southern sectors of the Tyrrhenian Sea. In prototype mode since 1999 and in production since 2010, we have supported the major sailing events organised within the Sailing Italian Federation V Zone such as 2 editions of the America's Cup World Series, the Italian Championship of Olympic Classes, the Optisud trophy, the ORC Italian Championship, the Velalonga, the Classic Boats Championship and the Vesuvio Race.
  • Presentations and seminars.
    The CCMMMA staff is always ready to organize presentations and seminars on specific activities concerning meteorology, forecasts and the sea sciences in general. These activities are usually completely free or, under certain conditions, covered only by reimbursement of expenses, as they fall within the so-called Third Academic Mission. These activities include, for example, specific seminars at boat clubs.
  • Media and social media.
    CCMMMA offers personalized services to Radio, TV and Newspapers. We are able to provide audio recordings for radios, predictive videos customized in different formats and resolutions, and finally for Newspapers we create pages ready to go to print.
  • Web Portals.
    Do you have a web portal and want to enter the weather forecast? CCMMMA offers a wide range of widgets for free. Choose the location or region of your interest and customize it by choosing the size and colors, it's easy!
  • School and Education.
    Are you the administrator of the web portal of a kindergarten, elementary or higher?
    CCMMMA offers you the possibility to insert weather information! It is also possible to have staff representatives as experts in the field to introduce meteorology, oceanography, computation sciences to new generations of students.
  • Weather Management Service & Weather App.
    Are you a publisher? An institution? A service portal? We offer you a professional and personalized solution ready in a very short time to provide your users with a complete, functional and fully integrated weather section with the website portal, with your mobile application or a completely new mobile application.
  • Weather report.
    If you have a hotel or a tourist activity, with CCMMMA you can automatically receive a weather report in free PDF format, to be printed and shown to your customers, with always reliable and clear weather forecasts.
  • Weather consultant.CCMMMA is a leader in the supply of products and services with high added value for meteorology, in line with the needs of the times, ready to respond to every use.

To get specific information on the best solutions to be adopted in the specific case, for requests for moral patronage and for the co-organization of events, send an email to detailing the request.