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HPC-GPU Cluster BlackJeans

The HPC-GPU BlackJeans Cluster is the main computational resource available to CCMMMA and was especially designed to execute mesoscale environment models to produce both weather and marine simulations on Campania region. online newspaper: "Blackjeans: il supercomputer dedicato alle previsioni meteomarine" The HPC-GPU BlackJeans is configurated as followed:

  • N.12 computing node E7122, 2 x Xeon SixCore X5650, 6 RAM modules DDR3-1333 4GB. Every computing nodes have a GPU NVIDIA Tesla M2050;
  • N.1 Network Attached Storage (NAS) fiber channel;
  • N.1 headnode E7122, 2 x Xeon 5506 QuadCore E5506, 6 RAM modules DDR3-1333 1GB;
  • N.1 Switch Infiniband Qlogic 122000 36 porte QDR;
  • N.1 Switch Gigabit Ethernet L2 ES4524D, SMC 8126L2 10/100/1000, 24 ports;
  • N.1 Switch KVM AR731 16 ports AT.

Monitoring the blackjeans activity


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Cluster HPC-GPU BlackJeans a pieno carico!

You can watch the submitted jobs on blackjeans at this link: Monitoring BlackJeans Queue Status

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Infiniband hi-speed network Benchmark

OSU MPI Bandwidth Test v3.5